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Freebies Reward

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1Freebies Reward Empty Freebies Reward on Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:08 pm

[Admin] Pardjo

Reward Guild Migration
For Guild:
Food Stats +5 (All) 100pcs
Food Stats +20 (All) 100pcs
Acid Set 1.000 Pcs
FCP Bottle 1.000 Pcs
Poison Bottle 1.000 Pcs
Guild Base

For All Member Include Leader:

Valkyrie Set (Armor, Shield, Shoes, Manteau)
50m Zeny
Endless Coin 5pcs
VIP Buff 1 Day

Facebook Reward

Endless Coin 5 Pcs
5m Zeny
VIP Buff 1 Day
Enchant Costume Box 1 Pc
Orlean's Glove[1] 2 pcs
+7 Formal Suit[1] (Dex+3)
+7 Orlean's Server[1]
+7 Tidal Shoes[1]
+7 Wool Scarf[1]

Kaskus Reward

1 IP = 1 Reward
1. Post your IGN at the Thread
2. Write review about this server.
1. Costume Ghost Magician Knit Hat
2. Endless Coin 3 Pcs
3. Enchant Costume Box 1 Pc



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