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Alice's Nightmare Instance

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1Alice's Nightmare Instance Empty Alice's Nightmare Instance on Tue Jul 02, 2019 7:08 pm

[Admin] Pardjo

Alice's Nightmare Instance

  • Party with Min. 2 People
  • Min. Lv. 99
  • Yellow Gemstone 1pc
  • Holy Water 1pc


  • Delima Spellstone 3

Don't forget to use @autoloot 40062 to get Hatred Stone with drop rate 50%. there'll be 15 Mobs who'll drop it.
And bring a lot friends! this instance difficulty is Hard. So, prepare your party!!
There will be a lot of Ghost monster type. So, bring aspersio or bring High Wizard/Sniper.

1. Go to Niflheim (339,211) then talk to Alice.
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO025

2. Then, she will go to the Niflheim forest and you'll be automatically follow her. Then go ahead and you'll find Alice then talk to her. After that Hera will showed up and you need to kill Her Summon to enter the Hera's Mansion
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO026

3. After you can enter the mansion, go to bottom of the map and you'll find Dead Magician, She'll help you to break the Dark Force Barrier. She ordered you to find:
1. a Bottle of Liquid
2. a Finest Herb
3. the Book of Hate
4. Piano Key
5. Crystal of Hate
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO027

1. a Bottle of Liquid
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO028
2. a Finest Herb
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO029
3. the Book of Hate
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO030
4. Piano Key, because the Piano is too old, so the key will break after you touch it. Just try again if that key is broken untill you get it.
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO031
5. Crystal of Hate
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO033

4. After you find all of the ingredient, go back to Dead Magician and she'll give you Magic Breaker Stone.
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO034

5. Go to the Barrier and break them and go inside the portal.
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO035

6. Go ahead, and you'll find Lord of Hate. Fight him!! But becareful he is so strong
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO036

7. After you defeat him, go through the hallway and you'll find portal. When you enter the portal you'll find Alice.
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO037

8. After Hera took Alice, go outside the portal and go through the hallway and you'll find Dead Magician again.
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO038

9. Then go inside the portal and defeat Hera!!

10. After killing hera, you need to go to Glast_01 or Glastheim Entrance and find Alice.
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO041

Optional Quest!!
Remember the portal near the Finest Herb places? you need key to enter the portal.
What key? you'll find out by yourselfAlice's Nightmare Instance Tumblr_lslg4tkbsq1qgp134

Inside the portal you'll find Aline, she will ask you to do Friendly Fight against her. Everytime you defeat her, she will give you reward and she will get stronger for the next time you come to her again.
Alice's Nightmare Instance ScreenEndless%20RO043

  • 1st (easy) = enchant costume box 1pc
  • 2nd (normal) = enchant costume box 2pcs
  • 3rd (normal) = enchant costume box 3pcs + 10m Zeny
  • 4rd (normal) = endless coin 3pcs + 1 enchant costume box
  • 5th (hard) = endless coin 3pcs + enchant costume box 2pcs + 10m Zeny
  • 6th (very hard) = endless coin 5pcs + enchant costume box 5pcs
  • 7th (final) = endless coin 7pcs + enchant costume box 10pcs


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